About Badal ja!

Badal Ja! is a community platform to promote action toward gender justice in Mumbai—and make you a part of the movement. Our work is founded on the basis of transformation—transformation of an individual, a community, a country; from the online to the offline, from empty words to full actions, from stagnation to movement, upliftment, and evolution. Every single one of us is central to change.

Badal Ja!—gender + social justice, in your hands

Read more about how we got started: Introducing Badal ja!


If you’re new here, start with the blog, where you will find inspiring stories and positive news about gender in India. We also highlight individuals and organizations doing remarkable work for gender equality, and offer personal reflections on varied topics such as sex and consent, Bollywood, and gender equality in the workplace.


Inspired and want to get involved? Check out the take action section. We provide a map for volunteer opportunities, share various events in the city, and invite you to contribute to the Badal ja! community—online (contribute to the blog, join the community forum) and offline (Small Steps meetups). Whether you have a great idea to throw into the mix or want to do more but are not sure how to start, you’re so welcome here.


We’re based in Mumbai and always excited to connect with like-minded folks in the city and beyond.

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Badal ja! does not sell or share personal information about our visitors. We use Google Analytics for the sole purpose of observing traffic and engagement data, which will better inform what stories we share.