Ad Campaigns We Love!

Ad Campaigns We Love!

To bring in the new year, we wanted to do another roundup of some of the most progressive ad campaigns we’ve seen come around in the last year or so that have put a smile on our face and given us some food for though. Some are hits, some are near misses – they might not all be perfect, but we appreciate the effort!

Have a look at our list and tell us what you think – and let us know if we missed any!

Dabur Honey – #JealousHusbands Campaign

To promote the health/weight loss benefits of honey, Dabur has launched a #JealousHusbands campaign, focusing on husbands being in awe of their gorgeous wives who keep ‘fit’ with Dabur honey.

While not all of them hit the ‘progressive’ nail on the head, we couldn’t help but smile and relate to this one. We especially love the cute husband at the end pushing a kurta ‘in case of mosquitos’ and the working wife smiling and going on with her day in her fabulous dress!

Boys, we do love it when you get (reasonably) jealous – it’s cute and makes us feel loved. Just don’t expect to seriously police our behaviour or our clothes along the way!


Havells – Respect Women Campaign

We featured a different ad from the same Havells campaign a while ago (below). Last year, they came out with a respect for women campaign – essentially saying that a woman has many responsibilities outside of the house and that their appliances can help her and her partner juggle that home/work balance efficiently between the two of them.

Any ad campaign that promotes equal sharing of household chores – we’re a fan of!


Disney – Watch This If You’ve Ever Had Your Heartbroken

This one really took us by surprise. While this might not come off inherently feminist, if you read between the lines, you have three generations of an Indian family talking about their heartbreaks and the clincher is really that the men of the family are talking to their teenage grand/daughter about her heartbreak – thereby accepting that she is dating, and admitting that they also dated during their youth.

We think it’s remarkable to see a family company like ‘Disney’ bring their own voice of equality – in a way that everyone can relate to. Unlike other campaigns mentioned on this list, you have no angry voices screaming about ‘feminist bullshit’ – guess heartbreak really is universal!


Tanishq – A Wedding To Remember

This one is an oldie but a goldie and deserves as many mentions as possible. In a culture where divorcees and second weddings are so stigmatized, it is amazing to see a jewellery company take on this issue head on and associate their brand with such an ostracized demographic. Add to the scenario , an older (girl) child and Tanishq has really driven the point home. We wish it was this easy for all divorced people to find their second love and applaud Tanishq for doing their small step in raising awareness on the issue.


The Seatbelt Crew

This one went around the world and got international attention.

As a country, our relationship with the trans community is complicated and it is fantastic to see someone try to break those stereotypes head on. This campaign not only tries to show transgenders in a positive light, able to integrate into society – it also tries to deal with one of India’s biggest problems of road safety, so hats off to you sir (or maam!).


Do you know of any other ads we’ve missed that you are a fan of? Drop us a line at or leave a comment below!