Badaljams: Like You Want Me To

Badaljams: Like You Want Me To

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i'll make love to you - badaljams

OK, honestly, I wanted to copy and paste the lyrics of the entire song as a perfect example of “how to be a great lover.”

Fellas—and ladies, for that matter)—are you listening? If you want to expertly romance your partner in the bedroom, takes some tips from these masters of seduction!

“I’ll Make Love to You” was written by Babyface, the ultimate crooner, and Boyz II Men used this song to epitomize the romantic love-making yearnings of an entire generation of 90s pre-teens, teens, and grown women. Sitting at #1 on the Billboard charts for 14 weeks, the song holds the record for most days at #1 and and currently sits at #17 on Billboard’s All Time Top 100 list.

As for the track itself, it excels at the classic R&B vibe which was all the rage those days, and while the sound might not be for everyone, no one can deny the power and harmony of those voices! The song brings me back to my middle school slow dance days which, now that I think about it, may not have been entirely appropriate…Oh well!

Happy love making to you all!