BeautyFull - confronting beauty ideals at the Kala Ghoda Festival!

BeautyFull – confronting beauty ideals at the Kala Ghoda Festival!

10980191_10153006620257247_6828288561546206060_oIf you’re headed to Kala Ghoda this weekend, don’t miss BeautyFull, the eye-opening photography exhibit by fashion industry insiders Sahil Mane and Tara Kaushal.

BeautyFull addresses the “impossible standards of beauty” propagated by the fashion and beauty industry. It’s an important intervention because, as Tara notes, so many people look at photos and images in magazines and think that people actually look like that. They don’t realize that the beauty that they see and idealize and desire is, in fact, a creation – of careful lighting, tons of makeup, and, yes, Photoshop.

BeautyFull is a real-time photographic experiment in confronting falsely constructed beauty ideals –  through a “live makeover” session, having men confront the beauty norms that they’d face as women,  and illuminating the techniques that are used in the creation of images that we see in the media.

As Sahil says, “I seek to dispel the idea that there is one ideal beauty and seek to empower  men and women to realize that there are as many beautifuls as there are people.”

“Artivism” – we love it!

If the photo isn’t intriguing enough, you can read a bit more in this Hindustan Times article.