Call to action: Help Kranti find a home in Mumbai!

Call to action: Help Kranti find a home in Mumbai!


Here’s an ironic tale:

The NGO Kranti—which does fabulous work educating and empowering the daughters of sex workers in Mumbai—is getting evicted from its home in Kandivali.

This home is where Kranti houses 12 young women – the Krantikaris (Revolutionaries) – as they go to school, undergo counseling and therapy, host theatre workshops, learn about rights and social justice, practice their English, and expand their knowledge, capacity, and horizons in a thousand different ways. The Krantikaris are working to become agents of social change, in their communities and beyond – and this apartment is their one stable home base.

Last year, Kranti succeeded in sending one of the Krantikaris to Bard College, a prestigious liberal arts institution in America. It seems, though, that the resulting wave of positive media attention may have triggered their current housing crisis by letting their neighbors “know who they are” – girls from Kamathipura, the red-light district. And now the middle-class housing society wants them out.

“We need a home where we are welcomed for our bright future, not shunned for our difficult past.”

Kranti and the Krantikaris need a new home ASAP. They are looking for a 3 BHK (or larger) flat in Mumbai with easy access to a train station. Their main activities are around Juhu, Bandra, Grant Road, and Churchgate, but other areas would work too. Read more about the type of space that would fit the bill → here.

It’ll take a compassionate, generous, and courageous person to improve Kranti’s situation.

Between all of us, we can spread this message far and wide so that the right person receives it.

Take action by spreading the word! Forward and share this message with as many people as you can. Better yet, if you know of a space that might fit the bill, please contact Robin Chaurasia at Kranti:

Read more about the organization, the girls/Krantikaris, and their current housing needs here and here.