Tell Your Story

type There’s nothing we love more than when you reach out asking, “What can I do? How can I contribute?” Whether you’re new to the gender justice cause or a subject expert, we want to hear from you. This page offers guidelines for contributing to the blog. If you’ve come up with another way to contribute (to the blog or otherwise) that we haven’t mentioned here, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


You’ve hit on a topic Badal ja! should cover or positive news to share, yet don’t want to write about it yourself. Great! We welcome content ideas and would love to hear from you. Send post suggestions, links, or other inspiration.


Well, aren’t you just wonderful? Let’s work together. We see writing as a collaborative effort and support each other as needed. Each post undergoes peer review, where you benefit from open suggestions, clarifying questions, and copyedits. If you feel writing isn’t your strongest skill, don’t worry—we’ll work with you to produce something great. You’re welcome to send a pitch, or to submit a full draft for review:

  • Purpose: Keep in mind that the blog exists to inspire through positive stories, to highlight individuals and organizations doing great work around gender in the city, and to generate action-oriented dialogue. We love articles that focus on or conclude with a specific call to action. (Example)
  • Topics: Each post should focus on a single topic or idea. The topics are endless! There are many ways to talk about gender in India. You could talk about office cultureecologysex education, sports, and more.
  • Format: Essays (e.g. personal stories, opinion, longreads) and image-driven pieces (e.g. comics, infographics, etc.) are equally welcome. For writing, typical posts are 700–1800 words. We’d consider stories that are short or longer—or in the case of much longer pieces, to publish your work in 2–3 installments. We’re also huge fans of poetry; you could send us the text and/or a video of you performing it.
  • Language: Write in voice; go for conversational over technical language. The best way to get a sense of what we’re looking for is to read through posts from the past month.


We also feature occasional interviews! Are you taking small steps in everyday life to break down misogyny and sexism? Started an inspiring project? Doing something else that contributes to a more gender equal Mumbai? Let’s chat!