Education, Sex Worker Children & a Single Ray of Hope

Education, Sex Worker Children & a Single Ray of Hope

While the storefronts may be a facade for what is going on upstairs, they do not mask the overwhelmingly seedy ambiance.

“When mom is a prostitute,” Global Post

Education is the way of the future; it is the only way our country can progress. We all know this. Yet, for those who are extremely marginalized in our society, education is often an unattainable luxury. Being the child of a sex worker must be one of the most difficult circumstances to be born into and for these children even the parental support to pursue an education is lacking.

Neem - PN - Sex Worker Story

This article is such a strong reminder that it only takes one good soul, and strong conviction to have an impact on a community. Lalitha’s unwavering faith and hard work remind all of us that we all have the power within our hands to make a difference, even in the smallest of ways. She is a beaming ray of positivity and inspiration, and we are humbled and overjoyed by her efforts.

You can also read more about her school, Mashaal Kendra, and learn how to get involved, contact, support/volunteer, and make donations: here.

Image Credit: HIV/Aids Alliance