Event: Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say

Event: Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say

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Stand-up comedian, writer, actress, teacher, feminist. Ah, Aditi Mittal, how could we not love you?

Aditi Mittal, a pioneer of India’s stand-up comedy industry, pokes fun at everything from Bollywood achievements and Miss India winners to sanitation (or India’s lack thereof), Independence Day, and the missing male Indian ghost. A particularly sweet spot in Aditi’s routines is when she delivers hilarious, cutting commentary on the plights of the modern Indian woman.

On the way we hide menstruation:

Each pad is individually wrapped which is then placed inside a plastic bag, which is then wrapped in newspaper by the chemist, and then placed inside a black plastic bag.

On vaginal tightening creams:

It worries me, for our nation. Because what happens if her vaginal tightening cream keeps rubbing on his penis, and his penis enlarging cream keeps—

Mumbaikars, what are you doing this Wednesday evening? For her 20th August show, Aditi will perform “Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say” at Mumbai’s Canvas Laugh Club (3rd floor Palladium Mall, High Street Phoenix). This stand-up comedy special will touch on the various matters that concern the “abla Indian ari” and include appearances by 55-year-old sexologist Dr. Mrs. Savitri Lutchuke (MBBS, PhD, MS Word, LSD) and Dolly aka Gurpreet Khurana, a Punjabi transplant who dodged female infanticide and is now struggling to make it in Bollywood.

Grab your tickets.