Humans We Love: Suhani Mohan

Humans We Love: Suhani Mohan

Hello, loyal readers! Today we introduce a new series called “Humans We Love,” which will be a space to celebrate the wonderful humans (duh) in Badal ja!’s growing community.

Much like our community, the individuals featured here will have varying degrees of experience with gender justice. Some may be gender experts and lifelong advocates; others may be awakening activists who don’t realize it yet. What they have in common is that they value equality and are taking small steps to create a more just and equitable Mumbai. So, this series is also a great way for new readers to get to know the faces of this community and, it is our hope, make you excited to take action with us. You’re so welcome here.

Without further delay, meet this human we love: Suhani Mohan. You might recognize her from the Love Your Body event.

suhani mohan

Suhani Mohan co-founded Healthera, a social enterprise that designs and builds low-cost machines to manufacture high-quality healthcare products. Their first product is a machine that produces quality sanitary napkins while providing an income opportunity for women.

BADAL JA!: How would you describe Badal ja! to someone unfamiliar with it?

SUHANI: A community of highly motivated individuals taking small but impactful steps towards addressing gender inequality in India.

BJ!: When was the last time you were surprised?

SM: Few days ago, I was discussing about my work and the issue of menstrual hygiene in India with a 25-year-old male tech-entrepreneur. He had absolutely no idea of what menstruation is.

Me: But, what about your biology lessons from school and the advertisements on sanitary pads that are played every two minutes on TV?

The guy: I don’t remember any biology from school. And I thought pads were used for some kind of occasional sweating problem? (referring to the usage of the word “gilapan,” which means wetness in these ads)

Me: (explaining the entire concept of menstruation)

The guy: What? Do all girls go through this every month for so many years of their lives?

The conversation made me realize how little do our guys know about women.

BJ!: That’s great you had the opportunity to teach him! — More curiosities: What are you afraid of?

SM: Death. That keeps me away from all sorts of adventure sports!

BJ!: Aha. So what’s your favorite thing to do in Mumbai?

SM: Sitting alone on Marine Drive, getting philosophical staring at the vast expanse of Arabian Sea, while enjoying the worldly pleasure of eating corncob roasted on the street.

BJ!: And what are you doing tomorrow?

SM: Work like a machine to make a machine that can work like me. :)