female orgasm

Indian Women Demand the Right to Orgasm—and Here’s Why

female orgasmAt the National Conference of Sexology in Vashi, India’s renowned sexologists came to an exciting conclusion: Women in India are increasingly demanding the right to orgasm.

Dr Ikshita Asagekar, co-chair of the conference, said, “Earlier, women used to consider sex merely as a marital duty towards their husbands. However, now Indian women are demanding their sexual right to orgasm and satisfaction. This is a radical change.”

Perhaps even more thrilling than the fact that women are insisting on their intimate needs is the reason why they’re doing it. Hyderabad-based sexologist Dr Sharmila Majumdar told TOI:

Earlier, women were not so open about their own sexual problems or physical problems of their partners. Now they are definitely taking bold steps and opening up about their sexual needs as they understand that sex is no longer limited to the bedroom, but it can affect their lives in the kitchen, the living room and the office as well.

In other words, Indian women are realizing that having a fulfilling and healthy sex life is an important component of a happy life. And they’re demanding that from their partners.

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