Introducing Badal Ja!

Introducing Badal Ja!

Badal Ja! is founded on the basis of transformation—transformation of an individual, a community, a country; from the online to the offline, from empty words to full actions, from stagnation to movement, upliftment, and evolution. Every single one of us is central to change.

There is an ugly but much needed attention shining on India’s struggle with gender equality, violence against women, and alternative lifestyles. With all the attention focused on atrocities and failures of our system, we often feel disempowered and disheartened. In what seems like an avalanche of overwhelming challenges, it is easy to lose sight of the amazing changemakers and positive actions taking place daily in our communities.

Badal Ja! aims to shine its light on these positive voices, people and actions—and make you a part of the movement. By providing a comprehensive guide to this nationwide transformation and showing you clearly how you can get involved. By creating thoughtful awareness, access to people and organizations, and connecting you to events and upcoming actions, we hope to inspire, empower and remind you of how easy, rewarding and necessary it is to be part of the change.

Based in Mumbai, we are always seeking positive collaboration with those doing work in the field.

Badal Ja!—gender + social justice, in your hands.

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