Khullam Khulla #2: Condom broke? Pharmacy jao!

Khullam Khulla #2: Condom broke? Pharmacy jao!


We have the utmost respect for Dr. Mahinder Watsa, the “sexpert.” After all, where else can Indians—young and old alike—turn for advice regarding their desires, fears, and confusion about sex? Nonetheless, we sometimes feel that the Doctor’s answers leave something (*coughcough*) to be desired. Here’s our shot at offering some sage and sassy advice on sex, relationships, and everything in between.

Q: My boyfriend and I were having sex and the condom broke. Could I be pregnant? What shall I do??
A: Yes, you could get pregnant. You should take an emergency contraception pill immediately.

Ooh, girl, that’s scary. So, first, take a deep breath. There are steps you can take and it will all be OK.

Technically speaking, the Sexpert is right, if curt. So let’s give this a human touch and go into details.

Simply put: If a condom breaks, yes, you can get pregnant. So here’s what you need to do. Go to your nearest medical store or pharmacist and ask for an emergency contraceptive pill. The important thing is to take the pill within 72 hours of the event—that’s exactly 3 days. If it’s already been longer than that, go visit your gynaecologist.

For the pill itself, you have a few choices. I-Pill, Unwanted 69, Preventol, and Truston are among the most common—each contains a concentrated dose of the hormone levonorgestrol, which should prevent pregnancy. They cost roughly the same amount (around Rs 75 for a dose). Once you take the pill, you may feel unwell for a day or so—since you’ve just taken a concentrated dose of hormones—but it shouldn’t last.

To be sure, it’s not the easiest thing, to walk up to a store and ask the nice uncle or aunty there to give you an oral contraceptive pill. Even worse, some of them may be hostile. One of my friends had to go to three stores before they would consent to selling her a pill! But be sure of yourself, don’t be ashamed—you’re doing the mature, responsible thing by taking care of your body and your life.

Hey, and kudos to you and your boyfriend for having protected sex! It’s such a wise choice in terms of protecting against unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Remember, emergency contraceptive pills should never be used in place of regular contraceptive devices – they’re too strong to use regularly. Unfortunately, things do sometimes go wrong—and you just need to know what your options are.

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