Khullam Khulla #7: Spread the Red Towel

Khullam Khulla #7: Spread the Red Towel

Welcome back to Khullam Khulla—where we speak candidly about sex and relationships to bolster advice from Mumbai’s very own sexpert Dr. Mahinder Watsa.

Question: What will happen if I have sex with a woman who is having her period?
Dr. Watsa: With each other’s consent it can be satisfying. Ensure that you both wash before the act.

I’m so glad the Sexpert cuts right to the chase! If both you and your sexual partner are OK with intercourse while she has her period, well, then enjoy. Nothing bad will happen.

Let’s give this a more human touch.

It’ll really depend on how your partner feels. Women often feel very tired during their period. Sometimes we just want to be reflective and quiet. On the other hand, sex can actually ease menstrual cramps! Either way, it’s important to practice safe sex. Sexually Transmitted Diseases and blood borne diseases (such as from HIV) are more easily passed on during this time.

As you may have guessed, period sex can be a bit messy. So, you might want to try it in the bathroom, where you can easily clean up. Or, spread a thick fabric underneath you—a nice, soft red towel is my favorite tool for the job.Dr. Watsa asks you wash before. I’d say be sure that you wash after, too!

Finally, as a wise friend pointed out, “Periods are a normal cleansing ritual, and if you calculate how many days (and years) in her lifetime a woman bleeds, you’d probably get over it pretty quickly.” You wouldn’t deny yourself that many years of sex because of a little more mess than usual, now would you?

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