Let's go 2015 - Our Inaugural Badal Ja! Coffee Meetup

Let’s go 2015 – Our Inaugural Badal Ja! Coffee Meetup

Happy new year, Badal Ja! community.

Badal ja! is almost one year old, and 2014 has been a great year of learning for Badal ja! We launched last February as a response to the India’s massive social churning on gender (predominated by negative news, with few solutions), and to provide instead positive and inspiring news and pathways to progress, creating a space where we can act on tangible small steps to a gender-equal world.

We held our first event— Small Steps #1: Small Steps for Safety—on a June night, with the first downpour of the monsoon season. In August, we co-hosted Love Your Body, an event to break taboos around menstruation and body image, and the next month we facilitated a riveting session on sexuality with Small Steps #2: Creating Sex Positive Dialogue. And finally, come December, we gathered in Dadar to commemorate Nirbhaya. Amidst all these events, we built a blog and social media following to share positive news and numerous ways to action in Mumbai and beyond. And we connected with many amazing organizations doing work for gender equality in Mumbai, several of whom contributed to Badal ja! events throughout the year.

We want to thank you – You have come out in numbers to express your support, excitement, inspiration, and commitment to action…you’ve come to be healed, to heal, to share, and to push forward critical dialogue that comes at a crucial time in our city and nation’s history.

We can’t wait for 2015 to unfold.

Our newest addition to the Badal Ja! vision are coffee meetups — These informal sessions will gather the BJ! community every other Sunday to discuss ideas for gender justice projects, from social ventures and personal discussions to art projects, political action, and anything you come up with that’d create a brighter, more gender-equal world.

We hosted our first Badal Ja! coffee meetup this Sunday at Candies in Bandra. Among the ideas we explored are a street-mapping project and a flash mob.


  • Safe City would like to host a fun walk to map street lighting from Dadar to Bandra. The results will be taken to the BMC and police stations, and we’ll even interview people along the way about how safe they feel in those areas. Mark your calendars: we’re planning for February 7th.
scroll pads

Pads sent to Kerala factory in protest of strip search. Facebook.

  • One BJ! community member proposed a “flash mob” of sorts using sanitary napkins and/or condoms to break taboos. We hand the “contraband” material to passersbys, with a message that the package does not contain shame. The plan is to do this on Valentine’s Day (before your romantic evenings, don’t worry). Stay tuned for details!


Comments or thoughts around those seedlings of ideas? We want to hear them – just join our Small Steps for Gender Justice online forum if you’d like to get involved with your ideas. Our next Badal Ja! coffee meetup will be Sunday, 18th January at 4pm at Candies in Bandra. See you there!

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