Khullam Khulla #10: Pleasure Your Woman

Khullam Khulla #10: Pleasure Your Woman


“Blood rose negative” by Clyde Robinson, via CC license.

Khullam Khulla returns this week to answer a question you might have been too shy to ask. One ‘Jun Bongsu’ left this query over at Ask the Sexpert:

Q: How can I satisfy my woman sexually? How may I know that she is in her climax? What methods should i do or perform that for her to satisfy? Thank you. – Jun Bongsu.

The Sexpert neglected to respond to this question. That’s OK—in Khullam Khulla, we’re only too happy to rise to this worthy challenge. The good news is that there are many ways to satisfy your woman. So many that we can’t cover it all in this short column. But we can get you (and her!) off to a good start!

Firstly: Shaabaash and congrats, Jun! It’s so exciting to see a man excited about pleasuring a woman and taking the initiative to learn more about this fine art.

Pleasuring a woman starts with good communication. Ask her what she likes, check in about what feels good. Say, “Do you like this?” and “Should I continue?” Then she can tell you with her words and body how it’s going. You should do the same when she tries to please you, so that you both become comfortable with this kind of open and honest communication.

Pleasuring a woman is also about patience and timing. Most guys can get off much faster than most women. So really use foreplay to your advantage—kissing her breasts, biting her lips, sucking her toes (my favorite!), and stimulating her with your touch in all sorts of exciting and imaginative ways. (This topic really deserves its own post; there’s so much more to be said).

good orgasm

Remember that many women won’t reach orgasm just from vaginal penetration. We’re more complex beings than that. We require multiple kinds of stimulation. So, spend some time giving her clit some love from your finger and tongue. Suck her nipples and grab her breasts. Use your fingers and your cock to get at her g-spot. And then—here’s the art—find ways of getting all three of these spots at once.

If she’s really getting excited, you’ll probably know from her body—but, again, best way to confirm is to ask her.

Finally: No two women are the same. No two times are the same. And what works at the beginning of a sexual encounter won’t necessarily be what she wants by the end. Desires are fluid. So, experiment. Communicate. And have fun!

Best of luck to you and the lucky lady.