Poll: 76% of Indian Men Consider Themselves Feminists

Poll: 76% of Indian Men Consider Themselves Feminists


“Indian Train” by Rignam Wangkhang

The vast majority of men in India consider themselves feminist, according to a recent poll by India of Times The. The survey defined ‘feminist’ as a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes (and various gender identities). It included men in all 29 states and 7 territories, and across the social, economic, and geographic spectrum. In total, 76% of the 10 million men interviewed for the poll were proud to claim the feminist title.

Feminism appealed to men for a wide variety of reasons.

Sanjay Kumar, an elder farmer from Bihar, said: “I want to be proud of my Indian culture, and therefore it cannot be associated with rape culture. This is why I am a feminist.”

Amogh Dhumal, a businessman from Mumbai, said:

“Mumbai is an expensive city. Men feel so much pressure to be financial providers for their families. Even if our wives work, they don’t earn the same salary as we do. Women should have better career opportunities, and pay should be based on merit not gender. This way families can have a better standard of living.”

Mahesh Krishnamurthy, a college student in Coimbatore, claimed he was a feminist for spiritual reasons. The Mahabharata and Manu Smṛti assert that the gods are delighted when women are honoured, or else all spiritual actions are futile. Therefore, a Hindu country like India must be a feminist country, too.”

Varun Aggarwal, an ex-bureaucrat from Rajasthan, explained:

“Even though female politicians in India invest more time and resources in poverty alleviation, women are still underrepresented in public office. I am a feminist because I want women to be equally represented in government, as they help my whole community develop.”

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OK, you caught us. This poll is a spoof. But it’s invigorating to think about what a brighter, more gender-equal future might look like in India. Imagine opening up your morning newspaper and seeing this headline, rather than another tragedy?


With the hard work of people like you, we can make this kind of future a reality.  Please join the Badal Ja! community on Tuesday, December 16th at Dadar Chowpatty, where we will build a beautiful, participatory art installation with more headlines from the future, as part of a tribute to Nirbhaya.