Progress through Positive News

Progress through Positive News

In India, we read a lot of bad news. Updates on gender justice are no exception.

 For example, here’s a sample of one day’s headlines in Mumbai:

Spammed from all directions by unpleasant news, we feel frustrated. Upset. We know that India can do better than this, but we’re not sure where to start. We need mentors: stories of people who are standing up for change. We need examples of progress and steps to action.

Last month, the Hindu wrote about three amazing women who are committed to getting out the good word.  Below, the article introduces these changemakers:

Anuradha Kedia-Parekh, Aarti Mohan and Megha Ghosh show us how three social experiments with substance make a difference. Parekh runs The Better India (TBI), a positive news organisation; Mohan spearheads The Alternative, a media platform for “sustainable living and social impact” and; Ghosh is the sole driving force behind I See India (ISI), which aims to become a one-stop space for good news about India. All three initiatives showcase people, projects, and places across India that find no mention in mainstream media.

We dig these positive vibes. And we’re committed to providing positive news about gender justice in Mumbai. As a ‘progress platform,’ we share stories of inspiration to substantiate that change is possible and that small steps can make a big difference. Like this article about how to react when someone makes you feel objectified.

The article leaves you feeling encouraged and empowered. You know the next steps. You can create change.  Badal Ja!

If you like what you see, help us do it more! The next time you witness signs of progress, tell us about it at Creativity welcome.

Oh, and if you don’t see signs of progress, then you know what you have to do. Be the change you wish to see in the world – and send the story!

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