Radar Roundup: August 23, 2014

Radar Roundup: August 23, 2014


Highlights from what we’re reading and excited about this week:

  • Will we remember 2014 as the year we learned to talk openly about menstruation?
  • We had a lot of unlearning to do (about LGBT issues). All our employees have been very open to this.”
  • In Kashmir, spotlight on young women skiers winning medals and breaking stereotypes in the male-dominated sport.
  • You might have already seen this photo shoot of acid attack survivors floating around your Facebook newsfeed, but it’s definitely worth a second look. The work of Delhi-based photographer Rahul Saharan, these inspiring photos were picked up by international media on Friday, and—considering the usual barrage of negative news about gender—it’s so exciting to see India making headlines for something beautiful and positive for a change. Share it forward.
  • These UP women left their husbands, each one saying she’ll stay at her parents’ home until the martial home gets a proper toilet. Well!
  • “Tell me why I invite blame and violence, / While you enjoy devotion, love, awe and obeisance?” Poem by Nishtha Gautam, who advocates for gender equality through the Observer Research Foundation.
  • Cultural shifts for a younger generation of transgender women in Mumbai.

Badal ja! lately:

P.S. → ICYMI: Our next meetup is 11th September 2014(!), focused on sex and sexuality. We’ll announce the confirmed venue next week, and we expect you to bring a friend and/or family member.