Rising Trend of Female Participation in Elections

Rising Trend of Female Participation in Elections

This week, we’re celebrating the latest data from the National Statistical Organisation’s annual report: “Women and Men in India-2014.” The study found that women are rapidly increasing their participation in elections. This year, for example, 66% of women participated in the elections, which is only 1% less than the 67% of men who participated. Moreover, that number is significantly up from 2009, when only 56% of women participated.

Why are we so excited about this? Well, we all know that India prides itself on being the world’s largest democracy. But democracy cannot truly deliver for all of its citizens if half of the population does not equally participate in the political process. Women are not a minority group that need to be protected. We are half of our population’s talents, half of its knowledge and half of its skills—and we must bring our interests to the voting booth.

The report also includes other positive news about women in politics, including things like:

  • There are increasing numbers of women are working in government organisations
  • Over 44% per cent women politicians elected to the 16th Lok Sabha are postgraduates – compared to just 29% of male MPs. (That’s right, the women in our government are smarter than the guys! Time to let the ladies start making the decisions!)

This is good news for women, and great news for India.