This Election, Raise Your Voice for Gender Justice

This Election, Raise Your Voice for Gender Justice

OK, this is going to piss you off.

In light of the upcoming elections, we decided to look up some stats about women voters. We found out that while women form 49% of India’s population, they make up only 11% of the total registered voters.

 And it gets worse. Other statistics about women in India include:

  • It is estimated that more than 10 million female fetuses have been illegally aborted in India
  • UN statistics indicate that in India, a woman dies in childbirth every ten minutes
  • The number of women India loses due to pregnancy-related issues in one week in India is more than in all of Europe in a whole year
  • 1 woman is raped every 21 minutes in India
  • 1 woman is kidnapped every 14 minutes in India
  • In India every 3 minutes a woman experiences domestic violence
  • A dowry death occurs every hour; a bride is burned every 90 minutes (NCRB; 2010)
  • 36% of Indian women are chronically undernourished and 55% are anemic
  • India has the highest rate of child malnutrition of all middle-income countries and the second highest rate in the entire world
  • As per 2011 census, female literacy is 64.64% as against 80.89% for men
  • Women make 19% of the Indian workforce but constitute 32% of the informal economy
  • Only 1 in 3 executive positions in corporates are occupied by women
  • Save the Children’s annual State of the World’s Mothers table on ‘the best place to be a mother’ places India 73th out of the 77 middle-income countries listed
  • As of 2012, women in Indian parliament constituted barely 10.9%. India is ranked the lowest in the world when it comes to women’s participation in politics.

ENRAGED YET? Yes, us too.

So…if you had the chance and could make a difference, you would, right?

If you said yes, then cast your vote this Election.

BODHI - This Election, Raise Your Voice on Gender Justice

It’s not only women that need to vote, of course, but everyone who wants their politicians to prioritize gender justice while in office. We know, we know. India’s politicians are far from perfect (to say the least). But if enough of us vote for candidates with a platform and track record of progress on gender issues, our message and demands will be clear.

Let’s raise our voices.  This year, the election dates are from 7 April 2014 to 12 May 2014. To check the voting schedule for your state, click here.

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