Workshop: Holistic Sexual Health Awareness

Workshop: Holistic Sexual Health Awareness

Image via Jose Camilo.  Licensed under CC 2.0, some rights reserved.

Image via Jose Camilo. Licensed under CC 2.0, some rights reserved.

Imagine if you grew up in a home where your parents talked to you openly and honestly about your body, sexual development, and sex life. Imagine if you went to a school where your teachers discussed the risks, responsibilities, and pleasures of sexual behavior. Imagine if you could chat with any of your friends about your sexuality, or birth control, or periods. How would your life be different today?

Your answer, in its shortest form, is probably, “My life would be much better.” Your relationships would be healthier, your communication would be more honest, and your confidence in sexual decision making would be stronger.

Well, we can’t redo your upbringing, but we can help you learn to understand and discuss these things going forward.

On 8 November, our friends at Seeds Of Awareness are hosting an amazing workshop to help men and women begin to unravel the important topic of sexual health. This four-hour workshop will be a fun, informative and interactive dialogue that touches upon myriad aspects of this topic, including identity, self-awareness, culture, gender, adolescent development, relationships, self-esteem, body image and sexual violence.  The event is a response to the overwhelming demand expressed during Badal Ja!’s last Small Steps event for safe and supportive forums to discuss and reflect upon these these important issues.

The primary goal of the workshop is to promote self awareness, engage in dialogue about healthy sexuality, enable a greater understanding of sexual health, and model an open and honest approach to sexual health discussions. Having conducted these workshops for a vast array of Indian schools and organizations – including the Bombay International school, Bal Jeevan, and Akanksha (to name a few) – the Seeds of Awareness team is particularly adept at ensuring that they deliver these programs in a culturally appropriate manner, contextualized to the needs, upbringings, and comfort levels of everyone in the room. Moreover, the team focuses on breaking down some of the most prevalent stigmas, gender roles, and myths that inhibit healthy sexuality in India today.

The event is supported by Badal Ja! and Teach for India. People of all ages, genders and opinions are welcome to attend this workshop. It will be particularly helpful to teachers, social workers, and NGO and corporate trainers, seeking to address these issues in their own work.

Sign up on the event page: Sex Talk in the City: Holistic Sexual Health Workshop. There are only 30 spaces, so secure your spot now!

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Seeds of Awareness
Holistic Sexual Health Workshop

Date:  8 November 2014, 4–8pm
Location: Teach for India school in Sion (exact location TBA)
Fee: 750 INR
Topics covered:

  1. Identity: What are our socially defined identities and how do they impact our life and relationships?
  2. Labels and messaging: What kinds of messages do we receive about sexual health and how do these messages inform our decision making? What messages are we sending out?
  3. Power and privilege: How do power dynamics impacts our society, relationships, ability, self-efficacy, actions, behaviours, and decisions?